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Once in the bowels of the auction house, he found out his partner-in-crime was none other than Horst Borsodi's long-missing brother, Ewald. Geralt supports Ewald: Cheated by his brother out of his inheritance, Ewald had planned his revenge during long years of exile – and the witcher helped him bring this plan to fruition. Geralt supports Horst:

Después de que la pelea haya terminado, Ewald se negará a   24 Oct 2015 I sided with Horst, because he seemed more reasonable. Ewald was shady from the beginning, lied, killed despite his promise, and seems to  The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hearts of Stone (2015) Jacek Rozenek in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Horst Borsodi (voice). Matthew Gravelle Ewald Borsodi (voice). Gaunter O'Dimm, your ever-helpful associate, will let you know that Horst Open Sesame: The Safecracker, and Open Sesame: Witcher Seasonings. you'll learn that the Stranger is really Ewald Borsodi, Horst's brother, and 28 Aug 2020 This is a guide to the quest titled Open Sesame! from The Witcher 3: Wild ・If you side with Edwald: You will have to fight Horst, Quinto, and 2  Guía The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Expansión Hearts of Stone - ¡Ábrete, sésamo! Al terminar el combate tendrás que decidir si deshacerte de Horst/Ewald o bien  Geralt schlägt vor, dass er Max Haus nimmt und Ewald/Horst den Inhalt behält.

The witcher 3 horst or ewald

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He will side with Ewald (He won't side with Horst) Let Ewald live(Take house without paper), Casimir will say goodbye to Geralt. (2) Choose Quinto 1.negotiate will fail or successful depends on player. 2.Trigger the body trap(So you will fight giant spider) 3.He will side with Horst (He will betray Ewald) Geralt supports Horst: Horst. Though the elder Borsodi was undeniably arrogant and mean-spirited, he, at least, had not tried to cheat the witcher or use him in a private vendetta as had Ewald. The witcher thus foiled Ewald's years of planning moments before they were to come to fruition, then put an end to Ewald's life as well. 2015-10-15 · Open Sesame is one of The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone's main quests.

24 Oct 2015 I sided with Ewald because Horst was treating me like crap, so I not fight him just because I didnt want to fight Casamir. Dude is awesome. 3.

He crosses the path of Geralt during the latter's search for Max Borsodi's House and, depending on the player's choice, can serve as the main antagonist of this story arc. He was voiced by Matthew Gravelle.

The witcher 3 horst or ewald

Horst is dead. If you side with Ewald, he smashes Horst's face in with a candlestick. Geralt stops him from finishing him off, but then Ewald double taps after Geralt steps away - he jams that shit into Horst's mouth. He done.

The witcher 3 horst or ewald

Si vous décidez de vous ranger aux côtés de Horst, choisissez la première ligne de dialogue puis affrontez Ewald (image26-27). Si Quinto est avec vous, il vous aidera à vaincre Ewald, si c’est Casimir qui vous accompagne, il se rangera aux côté d’Ewald et vous devrez également le tuer. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Was a little disappointed at how it all turned out, everybody died.

He done. Se hela listan på witcher.fandom.com You’ll now confront Horst Borsodi, but before you do, the Stranger will reveal himself to be Horst’s brother Ewald. Horst will offer you and the safecracker the chance to betray Ewald and get away with all of this without consequences.
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He looked down his nose at Geralt from the very moment they met, and when he heard what had brought the witcher to him, he had his men toss him out and beat him. To say their relationship got Alliance avec Horst Borsody.

Ich bin bei Ewald. Cassimir hält ebenfalls zu Ewald und ihr kämpft drei gegen drei. Quinto lässt sich hingegen gerne schmieren.
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Was a little disappointed at how it all turned out, everybody died. I sided with Ewald because Horst was a pompous buffoon. Ended up having to kill him and Casimir anyway.

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Horst could of just taken over the business and given Ewald an allowance or something. Horst on the other hand, already betrayed his own flesh and blood. Why would you ever think he would not do the same to you? Especially when you already knows he dislikes you.

But, after the quest to find it does not work, at home Borsodi security and talk about the murder of Horst. List of new The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt quests added in Hearts of Stone expansion pack, sorted by the order in which they usually are started. In Hearts of Stone a new contract awaits, from the mysterious Merchant of Mirrors. Geralt of Rivia will take on the impossible, a quest to defeat one man cursed with the power of immortality.